Concept car, which provides more effective usage of road space, but have comfortable access to passenger compartment, high level of safety and comfort, and in version for 4+1 persons can be shorter than even the Smart Fortwo by Mercedes.






Length of the vehicle is reduced due to a rational balance between the width of a standard road lane and the width of the vehicle, and to the fact that seats are raised while the engine and major components are placed on the sides of the longitudinal axis of the vehicle, under the seats.




A higher level of safety (if compared with modern cars) is achieved by removal of side doors in favor of a rigid safety cage and a single door in the rear part of the vehicle. Convenient access to the compartment of the vehicle and its comfort inside is achieved by large height of the can and the low floor level in the central passage of the vehicle.




Technically the concept car is based on common modern units and aggregates, however, it may be fitted either with a traditional or an electric engine, at this there is enough space in the vehicle for placement of high-capacity batteries. The central passage in the compartment may be used for transportation of baggage, a folding seat for an additional passenger may also be installed here.







Width and height of the Onedoorcar is comparable to a large SUV, but driving is more comfortable and safe due to good visibility and absence of a large bonnet.






Efficiency factor for usage of the road space per number of seats of the Onedoorcar is considerably higher than for most modern cars. This can help to reduce the number of traffic jams and solve the problem with lack of parking places in a big cities.





2.5 meter long for 4 persons + baggage or 1 folding extra seat



2.7 meters long for 4 persons + 2 folding extra seats



3.15 meters long for 6 persons + 1 folding extra seat



3.4 meters long for 6 persons + 2 folding extra seat



This car may look strange, but it is better to drive short, safe and unusual cars instead of standing in traffic jams in ordinary ones. Furthermore, the design of these cars can be different, the windscreen can be inclined to improve aerodynamics, and the interior can range from ordinary to luxurious. Keeping in mind the general economic effect achieved by reducing the number of traffic jams without building additional roads, governments could provide owners of short cars with the relevant tax benefits, especially because the relation between the car length and the tax amount is quite reasonable.

This conception of car body layout is also very beneficial for auto industry, as it allows to reduce drastically the expenses on car body development and manufacturing, which is one of the most costly parts of the technological process. Furthermore, it even allows new players to enter the market.